Helgeson Enterprises Corporate Site Redesign

Helgeson Corporate site - redesign

Helgeson Corporate site – redesign

One of the last projects I did for my former employer, Helgeson Enterprises, was to redesign their corporate site. When going through 3 years of analytics after the first redesign I recommended to the marketing department that the scope of the site be refined and reduced.

After the first redesign the site’s page count clocked in at a weighty  30 pages. Google Analytics proved that most of these pages were never being looked at. My redesigned version of the site had 6 pages and succinctly summarized all the services Helgeson Enterprises offered.



Specs: ASP.NET 4.0, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Launch Redesign

(This site redesign was never approved by the marketing department and I left Helgeson before I got a chance to to implement it, the link above goes to one of Helgeson’s test servers and may not be live for very long.)