GM Certified Service Rebates

GM Certified Service Rebates

Rebate portal for GM Certified Service Centers

Built the General Motors Certified Service Rebate center. Helgeson handled all the processing of this automotive client’s service rebates. The way the process works is that they run a predetermined number of offers a year that allows their customers to receive prepaid Visa cards as reward for their loyalty. They come to this site pick the dealer they had their service performed at and then fill out a pre-qualification form online which they then print out and mail-in with their supporting documentation.

GM wanted the “look and feel” to match their MyCertifiedService portal, so they provided Adobe Photoshop mockups of the proposed new layout which I matched.


The site was built using a fluid grid that resizes proportionally to the browser’s window size. This gives a consistent experience to the user despite whatever computer they may be viewing the site on, whether it’s a laptop, or at 27″ monitor, the experience is the same. The site uses HTML5 and CSS3 markup to progressively enhance the experience for users with the latest standards compliant browsers.

Specs: ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web Services, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

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