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Amtrak Guest Rewards – Desktop version

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Amtrak Guest Rewards – Tablet version - mobile

Amtrak Guest Rewards – mobile version

I was the lead front-end developer on the responsive redesign of Amtrak’s Guest Rewards website. Since the website was already built on the ColdFusion MVC framework CFWheels and it wasn’t in the budget to start fresh, we needed a way to integrate responsive design practices into the existing application.

So we developed a custom RESS (Responsive Design + Server Side Components) system that allowed us to target specific device types and serve up optimized experiences depending on device. While majority of the site runs off the same code base simply using CSS to deliver the responsive experience, the client required certain parts of the website to behave differently depending on device which we were able to achieve with RESS.

Since the site’s relaunch, I’ve served as technical lead of the Amtrak Guest Rewards team in our agency, managing site maintenance, feature requests, and UI/UX improvements.

Specs: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, ColdFusion, User Interface design, User Experience design

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*Please note, the site detects device type on the server-side, so to see the full responsive experience on a desktop computer, you need to change your browser’s user-agent to a mobile client