off to endure the mind-numbing boredom that is my course. Need to stop and pick up an energy drink… only 3 more classes to go!

This is the first post I made on this platform 10 years ago. 

So much has changed in the last decade. 

George W. Bush was still president, wouldn’t it be great to have “Ole W” back? It’s hard to believe that just 6 months before I wrote this the first iPhone had just come out. Twitter was still relatively new, Facebook had only been open to the public for a year, Amazon Prime wasn’t a thing, Netflix started streaming that year. And Tumblr was an up and coming platform for sharing your life, interests and whatever else you thought was cool, and now… not so much. I think this might be the last thing I post here, it was fun, but now this is just a dusty corner of the internet that no one really goes to anymore.